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Why choose us for your BNG needs?

Rapid assessments to achieve biodiversity net gain for landowners and developers is our top priority

Although biodiversity net gain is relatively new, we’re already ahead of the game. As Britain’s leading provider of biodiversity assessments for landowners and developers, as well as 10% net gain plans for on- and off-site credits – you’re in safe hands with BNG Plans.

Our 15 years of biodiversity survey expertise means that pre planning, we can kill two birds with one stone: by combining our preliminary ecological appraisal with a DEFRA 3.0 metric assessment, you get your planning information organised and a heads up about the impact your scheme will have on the existing biodiversity units you have on site.
Here’s what a recent client in Kent had to say on Trust Pilot about one of our ecologist’s biodiversity surveys and net gain plan services:


Is BNG all you do?

Our team of professional ecologists undertake all types of habitat and protected species surveys around the UK, however here at BNG Plans, our raison d’etre is:

  1. to help landowners create value in their poorly performing holdings by designing net gain plans that can be packaged to generate income from the burgeoning market for off-site 10% gain; and
  2. to help developers and planning professionals maximise opportunities for on-site biodiversity net gain, and therefore minimise the need to incur the costs and delays associated with BNG.

What BNG services do you provide for developers?

Pre-Planning Determination

  • Preliminary ecological appraisal and associated ecological surveys
  • DEFFRA metric assessments and calculations for extant biodiversity units

Discharge of Planning Conditions

  • On-site 10% biodiversity net gain plans

Release from section 106 agreements

  • Off-site net gain plans (where developer has identified land)

What BNG services do you provide for landowners?

Pre-Recognition of Credits

  • DEFFRA metric assessments and calculations for extant biodiversity units
  • 30-year plans for 10% biodiversity net gain

What BNG services do you provide for regulators?

Net Gain Plan Audits

  • Checking and reporting to local authorities and regulators on the progress of ecological management plans against the legal agreement and management plan

Who are you?

Based in the town of Eastleigh, Hampshire (between Winchester and Southampton), we are a small team of around 30 ecologists and land survey specialists, operating around the UK from a home and office based model. We also employ the occasional services of selected subcontractors for certain types of ecological assessment and occasionally to assist with very large DEFRA metric surveys on estates and farms. However, we never deploy subcontractor to your project without our direct supervision.

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